Hi, a warm welcome to to “there’s something Scatty going on” a random, jumbled and somewhat funny collection of anecdotes of a life lived in the big city. They’ll also be some serious, intriguing and straight to the point articles that I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

A single mother of four very precocious children I loved to empty out my head onto the page (I guess you can call this my way of offloading) and its also very therapeutic.  Retraining to be a geography teacher,  I currently teach Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Weight Loss to my many clients and by night (when I get the chance) I’m tinkering on my pc,  recording self help recordings that I will soon be selling for download on my website (So be sure to check back soon.)

Feel free to drop me a line as I love to interact with people and I’m always looking to invite happiness into my life 🙂